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Disposable Lab Coat Small – Figuring Out What Sizes Fit You

A lab coat, either disposable or reusable is a must-to wear attire when working in the medical industry or other working areas that involve hazardous chemicals or liquids.

These coats come with a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials to select.

This page will specifically discuss the disposable lab coat small. These are a few things you need to look for when selecting a single-use lab coat that fits your size.

1. Shoulders

Speaking about measuring the size of a disposable lab coat, you can start from the shoulder. You need to make sure that the shoulder seams of the lab coat should cover the full length of your shoulders.

This is important since the shorter seams will make it uncomfortable for you to wear the lab coat.

Try to size up the shoulder seams to have a looser fit in the shoulder if you intend to use multiple layers underneath the lab coat.

2. Length

Make sure that you measure the length of the lab coat well. The measurement highly depends on your height. It is strongly suggested that you should not measure yourself using the specific inches of the single-use lab coat. Instead, you can try the lab coat on for length.

You need to keep in mind that a proper lab coat for single-use should reach mid-tight. The lab coat will be considered too long if it extends to your knees.

However, the lab coat might be mistaken as a consultation coat if it falls just above your mid-tight. Hence, make sure that you carefully measure the length of the coat.

the lab coat on for length

3. Arms

Another part of your body that can be used to measure the size of a single-use lab coat is your arms. This is an important aspect of a lab coat measurement.

You need to make sure that the arms of the disposable coat should stop before your wrists, or at least right at them. The arms of the coat should not longer than your wrists to avoid unexpected hazardous medical situations.

4. Embellishment

Embellishment is another thing you should put into consideration when selecting the right size for your disposable lab coat small.

Once you have been sure that the shoulders, arms, and length of the lab coat meet your need, manage to button it up.

The lab coat should be able to be buttoned up loose enough to make sure that you are comfortable when wearing it.


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