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Do Medical Mask Exemption Really Exist? Health Expert Weigh In

Medical mask exemption always triggers such an argument, especially during the pandemic of COVID 19. Many people argue that they should wear face covering or face mask in order to prevent the spread of the disease, but there are others who said that they are allowed to not wear it because they claimed that they are medically exempt from wearing face mask. This kind of action rise some questions such as do medical exemptions for face covering really exist? Well, let’s find out!

Who needs to wear face covering?

Who needs to wear face covering?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC in short, they suggest that people should wear face coverings or face mask when they are in public settings and when they are around others outside of their household, specifically when they find some difficulties in maintaining other social distancing measures.

WHO also put their own recommendation in regards to this particular mater, they take a step further than the CDC in which they classify who should wear medical masker and who should wear cloth for their face mask. For example, healthcare personnel and people with COVID 19 symptoms must be wearing surgical or medical mask. Whereas cloth for face coverings are for everyone during the COVID 19 widespread.

Can you really medically exempt from wearing face coverings?

Can you really medically exempt from wearing face coverings?

Actually, it is such a difficult question because different expert has their own thought in regard to this medical mask exemption. There is an expert that said face mask should not be put on little kids under the age of 2, and anyone who has trouble breathing, or anyone that is unconscious, incapacitated, or basically anyone can’t remove the face mask without help.

However, there is none of the health agencies state any health condition that can support a mask exception and many of the health care personnel don’t agree with those above statement. They believe that mask exemption for unspecific reasons are unnecessary.

The medical expert also said that even people who suffer from respiratory illness such as asthma, and other lung disease can wear surgical mask or cloth for face covering safely in public. The thing that you should do is that to find a mask or face covering that fits well on your face, and find face covering from soft materials, so you can stay comfortable while helping to keep your family, friends and loved ones safe from COVID 19 and other contagious and harmful diseases.

All in all, at this very moment expert and professional have not provided a clear guideline to determine a medical mask exemption. Therefore, the only thing that you can do is to find a mask that fits you well. By doing so you can make yourself comfortable as well as help others to prevent the spread of the contagious diseases. However, if you need surgical or medical mask or even fabric mask you can try to visit Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. to find face mask or face coverings that fits you well.


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