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How to Choose A Good Quality Disposable Face Mask

Nowadays, people familiar with medical masker. Due to COVID-19, all people are necessary to wear a mask. It is a must to lessen the spread of the virus.

In general, there are no fake masks. You are just getting a poor-quality mask. It is hard to say whether a face mask is having good quality or not by merely looking at it. It requires some test to show its quality.

The following discussion mentions some tests for a disposable face mask.

blood penetration resistance test

The first test is the blood penetration resistance test. You can check your mask by this test.

You can do it by shooting the mask with blood. It is recommended to do it with normal human blood pressure, that is 120 mmHg. This way can prove that the blood does not penetrate the mask.

bacterial filtration efficacy disposable test

The second test is the bacterial filtration efficacy test or BFE. This method is for checking whether the mask is safe from bacteria or not.

The normal standard for a mask is a minimum filtration rate is 95%. It shows you how efficiently it can filter bacteria.

particle filtration face mask test breathability

The third test is the particle filtration test. It will show you its resistance toward particle.

Good quality of the disposable face mask should be able to filter particles. The recommended filtration size is 0.1 micron or PM0.1.

breathability test

The fourth test is its breathability. In medical terms, it is called a delta pressure test. It will show you its convenience while wearing it.

Some masks might have good visuals and look attractive. However, it will make people find difficulties in breathing. So, a good face mask should make people convenient in breathing while you wear it.

There is a recommended pressure for a mask, that is 4 to 5 mm H2O/cm2. If your face mask has this pressure rate, it means that it is easy to breathe while you are wearing it for a long time.

flammability mask test

The last test is the flammability test. Aside from its strength toward particles, it should be resistant to fire.

The test ensures whether your mask can easily catch fire or not. Besides, it should not spread any flames. So, the users save while wearing it, especially during a wildfire.

There is no special precaution taken to keep your mask. However, you should keep it in a cool and dry environment. The best way is to store disposable face mask away from direct sunlight and moisture.


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