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How to Responsible with Your Medical Mask Trash

Due to the increase of COVID-19, medical mask trash becomes a threat for us. Many countries use a medical mask as part of their regulation for coronavirus prevention.

Unfortunately, most countries are not prepared for the rise in medical masker demand. They are not ready with better-prepared medical mask handling knowledge and protocols.

The main thing you should consider is safety measurement. A medical mask is better to be treated as medical waste. Now, let us have a look at the following discussion about step-by-step instruction in handling your medical mask.

how to wash hands properly
  • The first step is to wash your hands. Although it is a used mask, you have to remove it with clean hands. Don’t forget to follow the instruction on how to wash hands properly.
  • The second step is to hold the right part while removing it. There are some parts you should not touch once you take it off. You must begin to grab it by the earloop.

    You must avoid touching the essential part of the medical mask, like the nose and mouth part. The reason because this part contains more fluid that may endanger you.
how to dispose the medical masker
  • The third step is to disinfect it. You can sterilize it with alcohol or other disinfectant products. By doing this, you may kill or lessen the spreading of the virus.
  • The fourth step in handling your medical mask trash is to fold it at least three times. Pay attention carefully to the nose and mouth touching parts. It should be facing inward.

    You are recommended to cut the mouth and nose part of the mask. However, you should be careful about touching it. Do not forget to disinfect your scissor properly after you use it.

    Then, you should cover it. It is recommended to wrap it using paper, tissue, or plastic.
Medical Mask Red Trash
  • The fifth step is you must put it in a tightly closed container. The preferred container is a red-colored one because it is eye-catching and makes people aware of it. If you can’t find one, you can use transparent plastic.

    To make it readable, you have to label it. Put the “Medical Waste” label on it. Make sure that your medical waste is placed securely.
  • The last step is washing hands. After handling your medical waste, you have to wash your hands. Follow instructions on how to wash your hands well.

The above method is useful in educating people around you. Let us raise awareness in managing our medical mask trash.


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