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Looking for Disposable Lab Coats for Men? Here’s Where You Can Get Them

Sometimes it is difficult to find disposable lab coats for men size. However, plus-sized medical professionals need not worry. At Maesindo, we have the best quality disposable coats of any size and style you need.

Why You Should Get Disposable Laboratory Coats

  • To Save Costs
    Maybe it is tempting to buy cheap reusable lab coats to use again and again. However, do you know that they are insufficient to protect you from dangerous contagions? They are also made of fabric which is less strong compared to the plastic material used for disposable coats.

    In fact, in the long run, it is more expensive to purchase and maintain reusable lab coats. They need to be replaced and repaired often, which incurs extra costs. While buying disposable coats that you only use once before throwing away sounds counter-intuitive, it is cheaper.

  • Making Cleaning Easier
    Reusable lab coats made of fabric must be thoroughly washed to remove them of all contaminants. However, the cloth fiber is porous, so there is still a risk of contamination.

    In contrast, disposable lab coats are made of plastic. They are easier to be cleaned with alcohol or bleach wipes. This will remove pathogens more effectively. Furthermore, disposing of them after usage makes certain that no pathogens can leave the lab. This will minimize any risk of contagion.

  • Can Be Reused
    They may be disposable, but they can still be reused. It is possible to use them for one or more days before throwing them away. So, you do not need to spend as much to replace them. They are also affordable in price without sacrificing quality.

SOLIDA, the Best Choice for a Disposable Lab Coats for Men

the Best Choice for a Disposable Lab Coats for Men

At Maesindo Indonesia Ltd., we are committed to providing all your needs and delivering them in the best quality. We have a selection of health equipment for everyone, including our plus-size clients. Our disposable lab coats come in various sizes, ranging from S to XXXL.

We offer disposable lab coat from the Solida brand made of PP Spunbond and SMS material to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. Lightweight and breathable, our coats ensure that you can fulfill your tasks efficiently and comfortably.

Our lab coats come in a packing containing 50 pieces each. Though located in Indonesia, we have been trusted to export our products to many countries in the last 25 years. Immediately contact us should you need any high-quality disposable lab coats for men size.


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