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Protective Apparels Solutions

The essence of Maesindo in numbers

Maesindo numbers speak for themselves and unfold visionary, innovative, dynamic, integrity and honesty at the highest levels.


nonwoven produced every week

1.5 milion

nonwoven produced every month

10 teus

shipped each week

50 teus

shipped each month

Our Clean Room

Maesindo maintains a wide series of advanced non woven sewing facilities. Our clean room is to control an environment by limiting the presence of sub-micron particles and modifying inadequate environmental conditions. We adopt the latest production technique to create value for our clients.

Air Shower Room

Our cleanroom air showers are self-contained air recirculation systems that are specially designed for installation at clean room.

Tape Seam Sealing Machine

Our sealing machine for continuous seam-sealing on waterresistant and waterproof materials. Seam sealing of materials for the production of protective clothing.