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Medical Masker – Why Should We Wear Masks?

The keyword “medical masker” is quite popular in recent years. Covid-19 has changed a lot of things in this world, and the needs for face masks get higher and higher. There was a time when the face mask was difficult to find. Thus, lots of people try to make fabric masks instead. Why should we wear masks anyway? How much protection do face masks provide?

Different types of masks and how they work

Different types of masks and how they work

Surgical mask

Surgical masks or medical masks are the most well-known type of face masks. This type is disposable and loose-fitting. The wearer gets protection from nose to mouth from any droplets, sprays, and splashes that may come along with germs.

The medical mask exemption can filter out particles in the air, up to a specific size of the particle. Thus, this type of mask is suitable to reduce saliva and respiratory secretion exposures. Even though the FDA has not released the approval that surgical masks protect against the coronavirus, they offer some protection when you cannot find N95 masks.

N95 masks

The medical supply n95 mask offers greater protection than surgical masks in general. This type of mask can filter smaller particles in the air, while the valves allow an easier breathing process.

medical supply n95 mask

Health care providers wear this mask in the workplace, but they need to train and pass a fit test since the seal is multiple times tighter than surgical masks. Other than that, N95 masks are part of the medical mask trash. As its name suggests, this mask is designed to block up to 95 percent tiny particles.

According to research, the unfiltered air is released when the wearer exhales. Thus, the wearer might spread the virus. N95 masks are banned in several places.

Cloth masks

cloth mask material

Clothes masks are the option when it is not possible to get a medical masker nearby. Other than that, anyone can make it at home as long as it meets the requirements. Wearing cloth masks can reduce the virus spread. Besides, this type of mask can be reused and washed.

You don’t need to gather medical mask material to make a proper cloth mask. All it takes is sheets made of cotton – a tightly woven one. Also, make sure you put several layers before wearing your DIY face mask to go out.

Disposable masks buying guide

Disposable masks buying guide

In case you opt for using disposable masks, you need to read this section thoroughly. Even though it offers protections in a more lightweight form than cloth masks, some factors may threaten the environment. Also, it seems like throwing your money when you dispose of the mask.


A disposable face mask comes with several layers to protect against droplets and splashes. However, it doesn’t offer enough protection to tiny particles. Generally, when it comes to a medical mask vs non medical mask, the latter can also provide as much filter as disposable ones, based on tests.

Environmental issue

The impact of single-use face masks is similar to plastics, on the other hand – the environment has to suffer from the rise of single-use mask use. Even though some companies claim that disposable maskers are recyclable, the process required is way more complicated.

disposable face mask trash

It takes a specialist recycling service to do recycling things. On the other hand, people need to dispose of this type of mask properly or some hazardous may lead to another. Thus, if you wear any type of disposable masks, be sure to put them securely in the bin.

Another cost

The black disposable face mask has lately become a trend too. Since the blue and green ones are too mainstream, some companies produce other colors like oranges, blacks, yellows and so on.

medical mask black

Regardless of the color, single-use masks are costly compared to reusable face masks. Other than that, it doesn’t promote a sustainable environment for daily use. Approximately, you need to allocate USD 220 per year to buy disposable masks by using one sheet per day.

What about reusing a disposable mask? Well, some people have done that. However, the authorities and researchers do not recommend washing and reuse disposable face masks at all. Also, some disposable masks are easily breaking. In case you prefer disposable medical masks, be sure to buy a quality one.

Face masks for kids

Face masks for kids

Covid-19 can attack anyone regardless of age. Besides protecting yourself, your kids need the same protection. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the kids to wear masks. On the other hand, physical distancing is not the kids’ style either. However, research suggested that kids are easier to adapt than adults.

Medical mask for kids are now available everywhere. It allows your kids to play with their friends or join your groceries safely. Be sure to put on the mask correctly and comfortably. Cloth masks offer tighter yet well-fitted protection. Other than that, teach them how to put on the mask.

How to wear face masks

medical mask how to wear

Be sure to wear your face mask anytime you go out of your house or near people who don’t live with you or in public spots. The government and authorities have sounded physical distancing for months, but at some point, this thing is not an option.

Thus, consider these things about medical mask how to wear. Always wash your hands cleanly before as well as after wearing your mask. Your mask should go over your mouth and nose first, and then you can put the loop on your ear or tie it behind the head.

Sometimes you may accidentally touch your mask. Don’t panic and wash or sanitize your hand. Don’t hesitate to change to a clean one when your current mask becomes dirty or wet. Of course, you can wash it later but be sure to put it somewhere safe. Laundering your face masks with other clothes are also fine.

Adjusting to wearing a mask

Adjusting to wearing a mask

Wearing masks regularly is a new thing for a lot of people. Thus, feel free to start slow – even if you are at home, you can practice wearing a mask too. Also, find your fit. Wearing something uncomfortable is horrifying. Medical masker is available in various sizes too now.


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