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Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. is a French-Indonesian manufacturer of protective apparels for Medical and Industrial, has experienced more than 25 years in exporting. Located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which is in center of country, Maesindo has competitiveness in labour cost, transportation and raw materials. Especially Maesindo has a good cooperation with biggest papermills.

With more than 150 clients in 75 countries, Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. grows rapidly to be the human life solutions in providing high quality and certified products. Maesindo is responsible to produce safe products, fast delivery, and customer satisfaction. Certainly the factory is fully equipped with latest technology machines, the management refers ISO 9001 : 2015, clinically & food-grade tested products and other requirement are fulfilled based on customer’s standards.

To be the market leader, Maesindo has 5 values to build the spirit of business. 


Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. with the european work ethic combine with Indonesian hospitality deliver the best service to support partners’ business.  Work with Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. expand the business, spread the opportunity.

Human health is the priority, therefore Maesindo Indonesia prioritize the products quality, proven with certifications to show that all products are safe to use, comfortable and be the solutions.


Solida is a brand from Maesindo for converted nonwoven products specifically designed for self-protection. The products are:

surgical gown
visitor coat

The name SOLIDA is inspired by the word Solid, which means strong, sturdy and firm. It means disposable products that are made have strong and good quality like reusable products.


As the responsibility of Maesindo Indonesia Ltd. for the quality and trust of customers, management and all its products have been certified based on the terms and conditions needed by customers in various countries.

The certification is conducted periodically and deeply shows the quality of Maesindo Indonesia’s products that are strong and able to compete in the international market.

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