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The Difference Between Medical Mask vs Non Medical Mask for COVID-19

The coronavirus makes people familiar with medical masker. They should wear it as a way to protect them from the virus.

Nowadays, there is plenty of masks you can find in the market. It offers you various selections. You can choose from the lowest price till the high quality.
The following article will explain to you further about medical mask vs non medical mask. Here are the differences.

Medical Mask

how to define is a medical mask

We might wonder how to define is a medical mask. These masks are FDA-regulated and have to be fluid resistant. It must provide user protection against droplets, splashes, or even sprays of or other dangerous liquids.

As its name, it is only addressed to a medical worker. So, it should be taken for health care employees during the evaluation as well as treatment for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.

three-ply layers medical masker

The good medical mask should have three-ply layers. It can protect the users by forming a barrier directly to the virus. Besides, it can save users from body liquid that may carry the virus.

However, this kind of mask has some limitations. It may have a limited supply due to its high demand during the pandemic.

Another limitation is users have to avoid touching it while wearing this mask. Once you touch it with your hands, you must wash your hands completely.

This kind of mask is disposable. So, you do not require to wash it. You should throw it away after you use it.

When you think it becomes damaged, you can replace it with the new one. You can discard it if it becomes wet or contaminated with blood. You can replace it if any respiratory or nasal secretions occur.

Non-medical mask

alternative medical mask

A recommended way to define an alternative mask is by comparing medical mask vs non medical mask. It is a homemade mask from cloth and non-FDA-regulated masks.

This mask may be useful for users in reducing virus transmission. However, it might not protect health care employees or patients.

This mask is beneficial merely for asymptomatic people. It works by protecting other people in reducing respiratory droplets dismissed by one who may be not showing signs of getting infected.

However, it has several limitations. It is not standardized and does not protect users. It is not recommended to be used by sick people.

Moreover, if you breathe into a facemask, it builds up moisture. It makes you uncomfortable wearing it. To clean it, you should regularly wash and sanitize it.

By reading the above article, you can recognize the difference. Hopefully, the above information about medical mask vs non medical mask is beneficial.


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