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What Is Recommended for Disposable Lab Coats Dental?

With the increase of Covid-19 cases, the American Dental Association (ADA) strictly requires dental staff to wear a proper disposable lab coat to minimize the risks.

However, not many people know what makes a good disposable coat. Hence, ADA published guidelines about disposable coats to ensure the safety of the dental staff.

This page will provide you with everything you need to know about the disposable lab coats dental.

Disposable VS Reusable Lab Coats

Speaking about the protective wear used by dental staff, there are actually two main options available for them to choose for. They are disposable and reusable lab coats.

Disposable VS Reusable Lab Coats

Disposable coats are usually made of non-woven synthetic materials. These coats are intended for single-use and can be disposed of in regular trash easily. Disposable coats are designed with the safety of the environment in mind.

Not only that but disposable coats are also inexpensive and easy to find in the market. When choosing this kind of lab coat you need to make sure that it has met regulatory equipment required.

Due to the nature of reusable lab coats, it is safe to assume that they produce less waste. Additionally, the fact that you don’t need to buy the coats frequently makes it money-saving as well.

However, bringing home this reusable coat for laundering is not suggested by most dental professionals. This is because you will never know what contagious substances stick on the coat. The outbreak of the coronavirus makes it riskier to bring the reusable coat home after using it in the clinics or hospitals.

How to Put On and Take Off Disposable Lab Coats Properly

ADA has also provided a guideline on how to wear and take off the disposable lab coats dental properly.

Before you don the lab coats:

  • Make sure that you are well-hydrated
  • Tie your hair back and remove jewelry
  • Make sure that the lab coat is fit your body well

Putting on the lab coats

  • Perform hand-hygiene
  • Don the coat and tie at waist properly
  • Wear the face mask
  • Put on the eye protection and the gloves

Taking off the lab coats

  • Take off the gloves
  • Clean your hands by using running water
  • Remove the coat
  • Take off the eye protection
  • Clean your hands properly once again
  • Put off the face mask once you have done with the dental clinical works
  • Clean your hands with soap and rinse them with running water


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